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Imagine you agree with a friend: if something happens to him, you will share half the costs ; if something happens to you, he will share half the costs. OK ?

Now imagine the risk is shared not only between 2 persons but between a hundred, one thousand or ten thousands persons, the impact to each person will become very small. TongJuBao help you do that by organizing communities so that you can help each other and resits to risk better together. 

No. TongJuBao does not provide an insurance service. You (the Community Members) are the one protecting each others. What we provide is the service that help and allow you to do so.

Yes. TongJuBao is founded by very experienced financial professionals and is supported by the advices of the best insurance actuaries in the world (actuaries are the mathematical and statistical specialists building risk models). Our priority is providing you the most secure standards of safety.  We believe that, by removing insurance companies, you can protect yourself at lower cost and be treated more fairly, from risk insurance companies do not even care about. 

The detailed protection is specific to each product. But the model of TongJuBao provides you with more transparency, more power of decision and a more fair pricing logic than the one of insurance.

Anyone can become a TongJuBao website member. However, to engage in Risk Sharing and protect each others, you need to be of legal age (not less than 18 years) and to have your legal residence in China (visitors or illegal immigrants are not permitted).

Go to the Marriage Safety page (click from Home Page or Product Menu) and click on the Create a Group button. Then enter your Log-in info if not done yet and decide the group’s name, describe what the group you want to create is about and select the characteristics of the group you want to create (for example if you want people in your group to come only from one region, or be married for more than 2 years, etc…). Once it is done, tell us who is it you want to protect an push on the Continue button. 

Go to the Marriage Safety page (click from Home Page or Product Menu) and click on the Join a Group button. You will be led to the Group list page and can review the different group already existing and chose the one you want to join. You can just click on ‘Join this Group’ or on the ‘Contact Leader button to either join the desired group, or start engaging an email discussion with the Group Creator first.Once you have clicked ‘Join a Group, you will be led to a ‘Get a Qote Page where you shall log-in or register if you have not already done it, then enter the name of the person you want to benefit from the protection, then the monthly amount of the protection. If you want multiple beneficiaries (for example your child, your wife and yourself, push ‘Add a beneficiary button’ for each additional beneficiary, then continue. 

Ou first product launched is Marriage Safety. Go to the Marriage Safety page and chose if you want to create a new group or join an existing one. Within the Join a Group or Create a Group process, you will obtain a detailed quote and be able to review the contract in detail before confirming payment. You can also first use the calculator to have a rapid price estimate, then when you have the price estimate, push the continue button to move forward to join or create a group then ask an official quote. 

Our first product "Marriage Safety", launched end of October 2015. Other products will be launched very soon after.

We have different layers of protection which will protect you and your data:
1) We will not store payment details like your bank card number, etc. When you do a payment this transaction is secured by SSL technology, or many people know it also as https:// which you can see in the browser
2) Your personal data like your user name will be secured behind a firewall to ensure non-authorized persons will not get to it.  
3) In the unlikely event somebody should get through this firewall it is in addition encrypted. This means even they will see that there is data, it is not your name he finds. It is something like @#$^LM%. To rename it into your name he needs a key. And only we have this key!



You can cancel your subscriptions within 7 days from pruchase or at the end of your 12 months subscription period.

Yes there is a yearly subscription fee for our service which needs to be paid after your subscription. If you decide to re-new your subscription after one year this fee need to be paid again (however if you are in a community which will get a part of it's fee back, this amount will be deducted from it). There is also a small transaction cost if you are the beneficiary of a claim. This includes just payment transfer cost and processing fee.

To be precise, it does not depend only on you but on your community (the group of people that you have created or decided to join). If nobody in your group needs help during these 12 months, then 75% of the fee you have paid will be reimbursed. For example, if your group has a higher divorce rate than the national average, you do not get fee reimbursed. If your group is in between, then you can receive between 5% to 50% of your fee back.


Go to the login page and click on "forgot password". You will receive an email notification with all the steps to follow to get a new one.

Most common browsers are supported, including IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, 360, …. Regarding mobile platforms we support both IOS and Android machines

For more details, please check your Service Agreement after you've subscribed or ask our Customer Support team.

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