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When a couple breaks, everything can go wrong. Tough emotions, children care, relocations, all this is difficult and can be made much worse if financial threats are adding up.

Marriage Protection allows you to remove the financial stress while you re-organize your life.

We want you're couple to last. But if it doesn't, we want you to have the financial serenity to make the best decision for you, for the person you have been loving for years, for your child if you have one.

With TongJuBao support during 12 months, you or your spouse will not be pushed by financial panic: even difficult discussions about separation may become a little easier.

Product Benefits

Choose whom you want to protect: yourself, your children, and/or your spouse. 

Select how much cover you would like to receive in case of divorce: (from 14,400 to 288,000  RMB yearly). 

Money Back: receive your money back every year if there have been no claims on your collective policy. 

Transparency: receive a report on the cases of divorces in your community and what’s going on with your money.

Free Resources: with our free resources (videos of workshops and conferences held by famous relationship counselors, e-books, marriage and relationship experts’ support, etc.), you can learn how to nurture your marriage and save it. Become a member for free to have access.


You can protect your grandson or your grown-up daughter !

You may be have survived 25 or 30 years of common life already and be in a solid old time style couple. But the new generations don't have the same life or the same values. You can purchase Marriage Safety to protect your daughter's future when she marries, or your newborn grandson, to be sure nothing bad can happen to her or him whatever is the couple's course.


Maybe it's your best friend from college or university group that is going to get married.

She (he) could be over-happy and in panic mode at the same time. Make her feels safe. Show her that school best friends will never let her down. Bring all your friend group to for a Marriage Safety community ! She will be the first protected, but every-one in the group can benefit from it as everyone get married the ones after the others.

[ Work for male as well :) ! - Best original gift for Hens or Bachelor parties ]

Prix: 398 €
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