Prix: 10 €
Receive up to 2,000 ¥ in consulting services with a professional lawyer!

When a couple breaks, your future and the one of your children are at stake.

Divorce arrangements shall protect your interest and only a divorce lawyer can help you reach the right decision.

Make sure you can get the right help.

If your marriage reaches dead-end, “Divorce First Aid” product will provide you immediate legal consulting on how to separate. Moreover, in case you need to file for divorce in court, “Divorce First Aid” will cover initial divorce lawyer expenses.

Talk to our dedicated best in class divorce lawyers to know what to do and do it right!

Product Benefits

Get immediate access to divorce laywers

Get answers to your most urgent legal questions

Decide if you shall better sue for divorce or consent to a settlement

Help you if you need a court to protect your future

Up to 2,000 RMB of combined legal service for a cost of only 10 RMB

Watch "Lawyer Consultation" video to understand the basics of divorce law


Prix: 10 €


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