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If my community does not cover the risk the way I need it, I can start discussing it on the Community forums and ask for a vote to change the way it protects us. I can do nothing
If I feel a new type of risk is not covered, I can raise the subject in the forum and propose the creation of a new Community to protect this risk. I can do nothing
If I think demands are rejected that should have been accepted, I can ask for a majority vote to change the rule that result in this category of demands being rejected. I can do nothing
If my opinion is not shared by the majority of community members, but a significant minority agree with me (several hundreds or more), I can form an independent community with TongJuBao's support to cover our group needs and beliefs. I can do nothing

When you have paid money to be safe, should something happen you want to be sure that any honest demand shall be treated fairly.

With TongJuBao, the community of customers is given the power to decide how to manage future demands. Every month, you can review all the claims and how many are accepted or rejected and, if rejected, for what kind of reason they have been rejected. Should you not agree with the reasons for rejection, you can demand a vote from the community to decide, in the future, what rules shall apply.

TongJuBao is in a unique position to provide a fair and neutral service to the community: contrary to insurance companies, TongJuBao does not make more profit when it rejects a claim.

TongJuBao mission is to serve the decision of the community and - should the community decide such type of claim shall be accepted and such other rejected, in line with the contract - TongJuBao will implement the Guidelines from the Community, according to your vote. And you can ask for a vote to be organized on the issue most important to you (go to forum)!

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