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Work & Family balance.
6 months safety when your family needs you.

Help save marriage.
Support if you divorce.
Help you find back your missing child.
Be ready to launch the search, don't stay powerless.


Society changes fast and this is creating new risks:

- Divorce rate is increasing every year in China like in the rest of the world;

- Employment for life disappeared: no iron bowl from cradle to grave anymore, the employer-employee relationship has become fragile;

There are no existing solution to protect people against these very real social risks, because these are not accepted as insurable risks-Divorce is a decision. you can not be 'insured' against your own decision.But TongJuBao believes people also need to be supported when they meet life difficulties and social risks. We are human and we make human decisions,they entail risks and we if we can protect each other we can live more human lives. We provide solutions so that people can face major life disruptions related to Divorce, Career or other decision based risks.

When a risk occurs, for traditional institutions the accidents are assessed by their own department. They decide whether they pay you or not, and it results in a loss either for the company or for their client. This is a conflict of interest and it results in many persons complaining to regulators that they are not treated fairly.

With TongJuBao model, it's all different. When there is an accident for one member of the Community, it is the other members of the Community supporting him. TongJuBao does not win or loose.TongJuBao’s only concern is to deliver a fair assessment of the claim and to service the community.

This is why you can be certain that with TongJuBao, you will always be treated fairly.

At TongJuBao, we believe that when you pay money to protect yourself, you should have the right to tell us how you want this to work.

When you get registered, you will access forums and votings which allow the community to discuss and decide what it needs and how it wants it done. If you think claims are rejected for bad reasons, you can ask a vote: the community will decide.

If the Community says the rules shall change, we will change them for you.

For making the right buying decisions, we believe in our friends' advice more than in publicity.

For protection against social risk communities of people, faced with the same life and the same difficulties, are better able to understand and help than formal financial institutions employees.

You, the People, know better what you want to keep safe. That's why TongJuBao members prefer rules to be set by themselves, rather than decided by an financial institution with limited understanding of their lives.

The cost of being kept safe is the cost of risk. But with financial institution, you never know the real cost of the what you buy. You pay a premium that covers both the cost of operation and the cost of risk and you have no idea what's the real cost of risk.

With TongJuBao,you get reports every month on the number of claims, their amounts, if they are accepted or not and why. You will know exactly what are the risk in your community and how they are covered.

Even better, if your communityhas a lower risk than national average, you will receive a part of your fee back. TongJuBao is not only for those people with high risk. It is built to benefit also communities with the lower risk. This is totally different from the unsual financial of making you pay for a premium that is never returned to you. TongJuBao offers unique transparency and the possibility to save money if your community has low risk.

Brief of TongJuBao

P2P Protect contruit des communautees d'entraide collaborative
Des risques que les assureurs oublient ! Une protection plus equitable !
Vous savez ce qui se passe! Vous pouver decider ! Vous payez le juste prix!
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